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Beaded Weft Hair Extensions

Beaded Weft Hair Extensions

Beaded Weft hair Extension are one of the best Hair Extension for Women. This type of hair extension does not required tape, glue or heat to attach it to your natural hair. This is one of a best method to add volume and density to your existing hair. Cold Fusion is one of the best method which uses keratin-based glue that can be easily attached to your natural hair without using any heat. This is a invisible band that will give you a good service and it is very hard to detect.Cold Fusion makes sure that it does not cause any damage to your natural hair. This can be applied to your Scalp without any discomfort or pain.  


Process Involved

This is one of the new hair extension procedure which is included newly in the market. This is a semi permanent process. It will take max 30 to 45 minutes to attach this to your hair. This will last upto 6-8weeks. Generally this hair extension will come up with a strip of medical adhesive tape which can be stick to your hair. To remove this hair extension a Tape extension remover is applied to the hair. Along with that a Combed with a fine-toothed comb can be use to remove extension.


Advantages of Beaded Weft Hair Extensions

  • This process does not include any type of Glue, Chemicals, Tape and Heat during the process of  attaching it to your natural hair.
  • It makes sure that this process does not damage your natural hair.
  • These are available in wide variety of colour, length, and texture.
  • You can apply different colors of your choice.
  • This will not disturb your natural hair growth.
  • It is a painless process.

Things to keep in mind for Beaded Weft Hair Extensions

Go for Sulphate free and Alcohol free products

Don’t use product which contain Sulfate in them. It will damage your hairs. Go for a good quality conditioners. Which will make your hairs to look stylish and you can increase lifespan of them.

Brushing Extension

Always go for a soft brush to detangle your hair without damaging it. You should be very gentle as pulling can break your hairs.

Reduce Shedding

Always remember do not brush your hair extension when they are wet. This will spoil the your hair extension. Either brush them before washing or when they are dried.