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Clip in & Clip on Hair Extensions

Clip In &Clip on Hair Extension

Let us assume that you are going in a party and you want your hairs to be look more density and stylish. Clip-In-Extension will add density to your hair within in a minute.

Clip-In-Extension also known as Clip system or the clip in Wefts is a quick and very easy process. You can do it on yourself. It will have a easy rubber gripped toupee clips.What you need to do is just add it to your hairs and it can be taken out within in a minute.

You can add colour to its and can change it according to you. They cost you less price and gives you a natural look by covering your Baldness. You can add Clip-In extension in the morning and can remove it in the night. You cant Swim, Shower, Sleep by adding it. If you want you can Straighten or Curl it according to your style.


Clip-In Extensions that gives you the perfect dream hair to flaunt

There are many other types of hair extension. What makes Clip-In to be considered is they cost less and they give natural look to your hair. Clip-Ins are nothing but Weft of hairs which are added to the roots of your hairs. It can be considered firstly if you are looking to add more volume to your hairs. They will give your hair stylish look which you were looking for. These Extension are temporary and can be add or removed easily. They are attached using clipped so therefore it does not cause any damage to your hairs.

Procedure Involved

You can Put Clip-in extension in the morning and can remove than at night. You should not sleep, shower neither swim with them. According to your choice you can straight or curl it. Always create a horizontal parting when you start attaching a clip in extension. When you want to remove it open the hair clips by bending it.

Advantages of Clip-in Hair Extensions

  • It is a easy to add and remove the Clip-In on daily basis
  • You can change colour to it according to your style.
  • This process does not required tapes or tools.
  • It does not cause Hair damage or Hair thinning
  • It requires low maintenance as it is you who take care about it.  

Things to keep in mind

Nourish your hair with Conditioner

You should apply Conditioner to your hairs on the daily basis, so that it will keep your hairs healthy. Go for the good Conditioner for your hairs. Don’t go for the conditioners who are high in Chemicals.

Opt for Air dry

Once you are done with hair wash let the hairs be dried. Don’t comb or rough harshly. It will weak your hairs from the roots.

Go for a little trimming

The ends of your hair extension will be split, no matter what you do for it. What we suggest you is go for Little Trimming .

Brushing extensions

Always remember do not brush your hair extension when they are wet. This will spoil the your hair extension. Either brush them before washing or when they are dried.

Washing your extension

It is very important to wash your hair extension on regular basis. You should keep them moisturized all the time for a better life span of it. Don’t use Conditioners which contain Sulphate or Alcohol.

The Clip hair which we provide is made from 100% human hairs. They are no other thing involved in them. We guess that we have provided you with all the information. All you need to do is decide weather Clip-In-Hair is meant for you or not.