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Clip in Hair System

Flaunt your hair with Clipped hair Extensions

This hair procedure are made from real or synthetic hairs with clips to it. It can easily be clipped in your existing hair and can be removed within a minute. This type of procedure helps you to add volume and thickness to your hairs. Clipped hair Extension can be used for lifetime if proper care is taken of it.

Procedure Involved

Clip In Hair  is a non-surgical process. We add hair extensions or artificial human hair wigs in this process. In this process we add hair by weaving or braiding to the bald areas. It is 100% natural human hair. Its gives you a natural look. It is very hard to detect it. It is attached to the roots of the natural hair. This process is also known as hair integration in which extra hair is added to the natural hair. This will give an individual a thick and full of hairs. It will look like growing hair with the natural hair. In our studio this is performed by the highly experienced experts of this field.

Advantages of Clipped In Hair Extension

  • It is very easy and simple procedure when compare to other procedure.
  • No need to go to the saloons to apply or reapply it.
  • Price it cost is very much cheap than any other permanent procedure
  • It will take only 5-10 minutes to apply it.
  • Good life time if proper care is taken
  • It will not damage your natural hair
  • You wont feel any pain when you are applying it.

Things to keep in mind during Clipped In Hair Extension

Special care during washing:

Wash your hair twice a week, which will prevent it from dying. Always use silicon free Conditioners and Sulphate free shampoos.

Type of Comb:

Avoid using different comb like Retail or Detangle comb. This will spoil your hair.


Say no to hair Dryers. 

Don’t use Hair Dryers to remove water from your hairs. After bathing wait for 10-15 minutes to get your hair dry.

Be Gentle

Be careful while washing your hair extension. If you are washing roughly it will spoil your hair extension.

Trim the ends of hair extensions

Trim the ends of hair extension properly. Specialist recommend to trim it after every 8-10weeks. Keep in mind don’t trim it more.