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Fusion Hair Extensions

Fusion Hair Extensions

How would it be if your hair extension last for 3months. Permanent hair that gives you a stylish look. Why don’t you try our Fusion Hair Extension.


Our I-tip, U-tip, V-Tip, Flat Trip hair extensions are pre-tipped with the keratin and they are applied to our Clients by using a hot hair extension iron. I-Tipped hair extension which are also know as (Flash Point, Shoelace Tip and Cold Fusion) it can be applied using a pulling tool, either a hook or a loop. By pulling the Clients hair through a very small ring and later inserted into the micro ring than later it is compressed with the special pliers.

Procedure Involved

Fusion hair extension are available in the range of lengths. You can find them in 16, 20 and 24inch bundles. According to the customer requirement our hair specialist will guide you which suits you best. Than later each strand of it is positioned on the head and later bonding material is heating by using a special tool. Than later our stylish will shape the melted keratin and will mold such that it will give you a smooth and a stylish look. Its upto you how you take care about it. Based on your care it will last between three to six months.

Advantages of Fusion Hair Extension

  • It is a very good method in which extension stay for 6months.
  • The glue which we use in this method will not damage your scalp.
  • It will give you a natural look by attaching extension to your hairs.
  • You can apply colour based on your style.
  • It will cost you very less amount.

Things to keep in mind for Fusion Hair Extensions

Things to keep in mind for Fusion Hair Extension

Sulfate Fee Products

Don’t use product which contain Sulfate in them. It will damage your hairs. Go for a good quality conditioners. Which will make your hairs to look stylish and you can increase lifespan of them.

Avoid Heat

Don’t use hair dryers to dry your hairs. It will harm your hair to a very large extent.


Always go for a soft brush to detangle your hair without damaging it. You should be very gentle as pulling can break your hairs.


As per the specialist guidance it is said that while sleeping don’t keep so much of weight on your hairs. It will decrease the capacity of the hair extension.

Trim Regularly

  Trim your extension in every 4-6weeeks. You should take care of it as your natural hairs