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Hair Bonding

Hair Bonding

What is Hair Bonding

Hair Bonding is a harmless and easiest way to increase the length of your hair. It cost less than hair transplantation. It can act remedy for hair fall conditions. The technique is Painless, safe, semi-permanent and non-invasive

We use special design hair fixing adhesives. It is planned according to the customer requirement. The results which we get is natural looking results. It wont take more than 45 minutes. The process of hair restoration gives you a instant volume, length, and style to your hair.

The adhesives last for 4-8weeks depending on the sweat pattern of the customer. The life of the hair is completely dependent on you. The more you take care of your hair the more it will last on your head.

Eventually the non-surgical process gives you the enhance results as within the time a customer spends in doing haircut. The demand of this is increasing in alarming rate because of its non surgical process. Everyone are preferring it because it is painless and non-surgical process.

hair patch

Advantages of Hair Bonding

  • It is a best solution for Baldness
  • There are no side affects
  • The process is very comfortable
  • It is customized according to the customer requirement
  • The process is a Non-Surgical process
  • It cost less and can be done in a short time
  • Get a hair style according to you were looking for

Things to keep in mind before Hair Bonding

Special care during washing:

Wash your hair twice a week, which will prevent it from dying. Always use silicon free Conditioners and Sulphate free shampoos.

Type of Comb:

Avoid using different comb like Retail or Detangle comb. This will spoil your hair.


Say no to hair Dryers. 

Don’t use Hair Dryers to remove water from your hairs. After bathing wait for 10-15 minutes to get your hair dry.

Be Gentle

Be careful while washing your hair extension. If you are washing roughly it will spoil your hair extension.

Trim the ends of hair extensions

Trim the ends of hair extension properly. Specialist recommend to trim it after every 8-10weeks. Keep in mind don’t trim it more.