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Book a Consultation:

You can call and take a appointment, and visit our Saloon. Later our Specialist will see your hair and skin type to decide which hair perfectly suits you. We will check the are which is affected by the Baldness and later we will fix it. The hair will be chosen wisely such that it should match your existing hair. We will also guide you and give some tips on how to take care and maintain your hair properly. There is no age criteria to undergo hair fixing. We have satisfied customers from the age 18-70years.  

Application and Styling:

The Hair Piece is cut and match the hair cut you desire. We style your hair in such a way that it gives you a desire look you were looking for.


We have 2 ways of maintaining your hair system. One is at Salon, other is at your House. According to your convenience we will work accordingly. We will take care of the removal, cleaning and reapplying the hair system..

The Advantage:

  1. It looks like your natural hair.
  2. The process which we do in non-surgical, that means it’s completely pain less
  3. We use natural hair in our process and it is chosen according to your existing hair.The hair can be made curly, round or wavy as per your choice.
  4. The process will take 2hours to fix your hair. It is done in one sitting, therefore you no need to visit multiple times.
  5. The process of Hair fixing we provide can be done Partially of Fully. That means, it can be done on complete head or it can be done only one where you required like forehead, or center position.
  6. After fixing of your hair you can style, comb accordingly.
  7. You can enjoy your life fully with no restrictions like bathing, swimming, etc.

As the Hair used in Hair fixing is not alive in the same way it is not alive in our process. An individual should take care by following the instructions given by the Specialist.


Hair fixing is a non surgical hair replacement process. It is used to cover partial or complete baldness issues. This process is done by the professional hair expert. This is best hair treatment process than any other. It requires less time to fix your hair and another benefit is that it is completely non-surgical process. Every  one can afford this process.

These days Hair fall is the biggest problem faced by every individual. Because of the Polluted Environment, Unhealthy Diet, Genetics many are facing this problem. At this moment hair fixing is the best solution for this problem. The Treatment which we provide is not only affordable but also it is very cost-effective and take very less time to get it done.

Hair Fixing treatment will differ from individual to individual, Studio to Studio and from Clinic to Clinic. It will generally depend on what are the requirement of the customer. But it is not Expensive than hair transplant.

Hair fixing treatment not only provides you head full of hair, along with that it makes sure that it gives you a natural look. By hair fixing you will compulsory get back your old look and confidence.

Definitely, you can continue your regular activities. After doing your non surgical hair fixing treatment you can continue regular activities like sleeping, swimming, shower, exercise, etc. It will last through all climate conditions.

As per your knowledge, you know that hair fixing is not done by surgery. Its completely non-surgical. Therefore, only in one sitting this procedure will be completed. It will take not more than 2 hours.

Hair Loss, Hair Thinning, and Baldness problems can be seen in both men and women. So, Hair Fixing is done for both men and women. They can get treated their hair loss problems after consulting a professional hair expert or dermatologist.

In today World what everyone need is a head full of thick, shiny hair which will improve their self confidence. Which helps them to look young and beautiful. But if you are suffering from baldness problem. You are lacking with Self-Confidence than don’t worry we will help you. We will fix your hair according to your need. Don’t worry it will be completely look like natural hair and very hard to detect it.  

No, It is not a painful process. Hair fixing is a non-surgical process. We fix hairs according to your problem like partial baldness or full baldness.

We, Milaon Hair Studios provides you the best hair fixing treatment. What we do is, first our specialist will examine your hair condition like what is the hair fall stage, what is your baldness level. Than later we provide the best solution for your problem. Our treatment are accoding to your hair issues.