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Tape Hair Extensions

Tape Hair Extensions

If you are looking for a permanent hairs than you can go for our Tape hair Extension.What you need to do is just use any hair extension glue or tape and apply it to the inner surface of the strip and later put them on your own hair. They look very natural. Its hard to detect them. This are one of the easiest and fastest way to add hair extensions to your hairs.


Procedure Involved

This is one of the new hair extension procedure which is included newly in the market. This is a semi permanent process. It will take max 30 to 45 minutes to attach this to your hair. This will last upto 6-8weeks. Generally this hair extension will come up with a strip of medical adhesive tape which can be stick to your hair. To remove this hair extension a Tape extension remover is applied to the hair. Along with that a Combed with a fine-toothed comb can be use to remove extension.

Advantages of Tape Hair Extensions

  • This  is one of the fastest method to apply hair extension. Maximum it will take 30 to 40minutes.
  • It is a reusable method in which hair can be worn for 6-8weeks.
  • This  will look like natural hair extension.
  • It is one of  a safest method of hair extension that will not cause any damage to your natural hair.
  • To apply this no special tools are required

Things to keep in mind for Tape Hair Extensions

Keep your hair clean

The main thing which damage your hair is pollution. The more you are exposed to the pollution the more it will damage your hair extension. Dust and pollution are the biggest enemies of the Tape Hair Extension. So be careful and wash it on the regular basis.

Be Careful with your Oils

Always use Oils like Coconut oil, Argan Oil which will keep your hair hydrated and will protect it form fast damage.

Be Cautions with Heat

Don’t use Hair Dryers. It will damage the roots of the hair extension. The more you are expose to the heat the more it will damage your hair.

Brush Properly

Always keep in mind brush your hair properly. There is a special type of hair tool used to brush this type of hair extension which will help in not damaging your hair extension.